Modern Quilters – Production Quilter


Modern Quilters was started in 1950 in Minneapolis, MN to service the Outerwear Industry that was a major part of the Textile Industry in the United States.

From 1950-1990, Modern Quilters serviced the Outerwear Industry and expanded its quilting business to include furniture pads, and quilting for oven mitts, pot holders, horse blankets, and other unique products.

In 1990, Modern Quilters moved to Litchfield, MN into a 1 story building that better served our needs. In 1996, we installed out first Flame Laminator, as a response to requests by some of our Footwear Customers to offer an alternative to quilted boot linings. By 2002, our Laminating business was expanding into a variety of markets to include After Market Automotive, the Agricultural Industry, ATV’s and Watercraft. In 2008, Modern Quilters installed a 2nd Flame Laminator to handle increased sales and guarantee a continuous supply to our established Customers. Modern Quilters has continued to expand it’s production quilting base while broadening it’s Laminating capabilities. They Company is well situated today for the next 20 years.